House Prices Continue To Fall As The Economy Stagnates
House Prices Continue To Fall As The Economy Stagnates
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The 7 Step Mortgage Process


If you are thinking of buying your first home, moving home or reviewing your mortgage, please arrange an initial chat with us first. This can be over the phone, via Zoom or face to face, whichever is your preference.  This will give you the opportunity to share your plans with me, and for me to get to know about you and your circumstances. I will explain our process and full and will answer any questions you have. I will always follow up with an email so that you have all of my details and my initial disclosure document.


I will do some initial research for you to make sure that I can assist you based on the details you have provided and to give you an initial idea of rates/costs/fees etc. I will also let you know what documents I will need from you to proceed further.


The next stage, when you are ready, is to apply for an Agreement in Principle, (AIP), sometimes called a Decision in Principle, (DIP). These mean the same thing. This is a personalised agreement by a lender to a certain amount of mortgage. To obtain this, I will need you to provide me with certain documents, (to include details of your income, expenditure and proof of your deposit if purchasing). At this stage, the lender will do a credit check on you.


Once you have found your dream home, investment property or wish to proceed with a re-mortgage, I will provide you with a full mortgage illustration, based on the actual purchase and mortgage figures, which I will talk through with you to make sure you fully understand the rate, repayments and all the features of the mortgage you are applying for. I will then place your full mortgage application for you. My fee of £247.00 is payable at this stage.


Your mortgage will then be underwritten by the lender, and they will ask me to provide certain documents to support your application. They will instruct the mortgage valuation, (and Homebuyers Survey if you have requested this). Once they are satisfied, they will issue your full mortgage offer. A copy will be sent to you and also to the Solicitors you have appointed, (or the lender has appointed if you are re-mortgaging with a free legal service).


The process really hands over to the Solicitor at this stage and they will request the searches, liaise with the seller or your existing lender, and work with you through to completion. I will be available for you throughout this time to answer any questions, call your Estate Agent or Solicitor on your behalf if you would like me to, or just generally offer reassurance for you.


During stages 6 and 7, I will talk to you about protecting your mortgage and your income so you have the peace of mind that should the unforeseen or worst happen, you and/or your family would not lose your home.

My fee for advice, research, recommendation and arranging your mortgage is £247.00, payable on application.